Carfree Academy


The Carfree Academy teaches people & businesses how to be carfree - if only for an afternoon.


It's critical and empowering to know how to get around without a car. 

That was true before the current ulcer-causing surge in gas prices -- and it's even more true today. Did know it costs nearly $10,000 a year to own and operate a car -- on average (a number that's surely going up when the next AAA report is released). 


Shared mobility and active transportation

Shared mobility and active transportation are the keys to mobility freedom.

With a laser focus on shared mobility and active transportation, the Carfree Academy works with both individual and corporate clients to support your transportation transformation. 

The Carfree Academy performs mobility audits, develops customized action plans, educational resources, and other tools for those who wish to reduce -- or even eliminate -- their car* usage. 

(*we use "car" generically to refer to sedans, trucks, SUVs, station wagons, etc)

Benefits for corporations, governments, universities

These are a few of the benefits possible when you support carfree transportation: 

  • attract & retain talent, students, residents
  • save money to invest in other programs and services
  • improved health outcomes for you, your family, communities, and employees, such as: 
    • transition away from sedentary lifestyles
    • reduction in harmful noise pollution 
    • improved air quality
  • improved public image & marketing
  • reduce negative impact on the environment
  • make substantial progress to meeting climate goals
  • contribute to the creation of more vibrant streets and cities that are welcoming and safe for people of all ages and abilities


Cars have been so ingrained in our culture that few people see a way out.

But not only is there another way -- there are tons!


That's where we come in

We are here to help you with this thrilling transformation. 

Whether you're a developer or from a start-up; or if you represent a corporation, government agency, university, non-profit, or perhaps yourself, we have what it takes to put you on the right carfree path. 

Going carfree (occasionally or all the way) has many benefits and even if you're only "driven" to this change by a single one -- you'll still reap the other rewards, without even trying! When you're ready, whether by choice or unexpected circumstance -- the Carfree Academy has a solution for you. 

Car ownership squeaks in just under $10k at $9,666 a year. Or $805.50 a month... Every month! OMG. 

Understanding the basics of how to get around without a car is the first step to carfreedom.