The Carfree Academy is the first and only resource devoted to equipping Americans* with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to do what some consider unthinkable and quit your car (at least occasionally).

You can break the cycle of car dependence and:

  1. Save thousands of dollars every year! ($10,000 on average).
  2. Reduce stress (never again worry about gas prices, parking tickets, scratches on your expensive (depreciating) investment or, honestly, maybe hurting, or even killing someone).
  3. Slash your carbon footprint (even if you don’t care, it’s a positive societal benefit with no extra effort).
  4. Get healthy…er: Healthier (not owning a car makes you naturally more active, which supports all sorts of physical and mental health).
  5. Experience your city in a new way.

The mission of Carfree Academy is to educate and support those who would like to cut back on their car usage — and maybe even go carfree the way.

*We focus on the United States portion of North America, at least right now.

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