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I Am Getting My Brand New Bicycle Today!

After riding a too-small, ill-fitting little bicycle with drop handlebars that make me way way way too low to the ground, I am getting a grand bicycle with an upright riding position!

This bicycle…

.. Will be replaced by THIS!

Thanks to Brad at Urban Velo for this photo. If you like bikes, maybe even different bikes than the one above, and like riding in cities, you should definitely check out the Urban Velo site.

Although I’ll be riding the mixte version which means I don’t have to perform a gymnastic move in order to get on my bike. The top tube is sloped down much more which makes for easy mounting and dismounting. A mixte is sometimes called a “women’s bike” but I prefer the beautiful word “mix-tee” instead.

I cannot wait to go grocery shopping with this brand new bicycle!

Countdown: one hour, ten minutes, 9 seconds!

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