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Now Let’s Talk About Getting There

Now that bike parking is in the bag, it’s time to move on, and move on quickly.

I wrote about this one last time for Next American City.  It was exciting to hear the support among city residents and council members for moving to take more dramatic steps to improve the overall experience of riding for transportation.

In Kara Lindstrom‘s response to my story, she said “the biggest concern for most bicyclists is the ride, not the destination. If you’re pedaling in pock-marked bicycle lanes, sharing the road with motorists who have no mutual respect (“get on the sidewalk!”) – then where to lock up may be the least of your concerns.”

I completely agree.

I’m glad that measure has passed, but really, getting safely to work, or the store, or my friend’s house is more important to me.

I’m excited about working on different, creative, and group ways to make riding for transportation even more fun, social, and cooperative.

I Want to Ride Without Threat from Cars

One of my dreams is to be able to ride really slowly, whimsically, and without threat from cars. But there aren’t many places like that yet.

One third of Americans do not drive.

Why not turn at least some of the streets in our cities over to use directly for small-scale transportation? Or maybe cycle tracks like the ones being installed on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

I’ll pay taxes for that. If I can have some roads that are safe for me to use, I’ll definitely pay more taxes for that.

P.S. Keep sending your bicycle love stories, and I’ll share the first one with you next week. Here is an example of my own bicycle love story from last year, about my fascination with riding really really slowly. What a sentimental story!

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