Many people are waking up to the magnificence of creating carfree streets and cities, this isn't some new fad. Our ancestors designed gorgeous human-centered public places for millennia before a car ever drove over them.

We can do this again. 

And we must redesign our streets and cities for people. 

I have with 21 years of on-the-ground experience living carfree in the United States, and over a dozen years in this field working with organizations, companies, and governments based in the US and UK. 

People, businesses, cities, and governments are recognizing the urgent need to move away from car-based transportation to create mobility systems that support all people and the planet. I've been working towards this since 2007 when I collaborated with city officials in Washington, DC to create their first Carfree Day.

Are you ready to start the transformation to make cities and transportation more welcoming, accessible, and spectacular for all?

I can help.

I have a soaked-to-the-bone understanding of life for the many millions of people who are also standing on the corner, waiting for the bus (with no shelter).

We can do better.

More than that, we must do better.

No one should need to purchase a private vehicle to get around a city.
No one should need to work to pay for transportation just to get to work.

Do you need to make carfree mobility an attractive and accessible option for your clients, students, tenants, or residents?

Tell me what you need and I'll bring my toolbox and we can make carfree living and commuting into the easiest, most obvious, and most delightful option for all.

Call me and let's get this transformation rolling.