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"What the Mobility Hub...?"

Introducing Move PGH and answering the question that kept millions up at night...

"What the Mobility Hub...?" on the Move PGH Blog. This post has everything: there's essential information, there's statistics you'll immediately glaze over, there's a David Bowie reference thrown in for no reason, and did I mention rules? Oh yeah, there's a ton! Get ready for a wild ride, in this, the very first installment of the Move PGH Blog. 

"How to Park Spin Scooters in Pittsburgh"

"There are 3 places you can park Spin scooters in Pittsburgh. Everywhere else is lava."

When we launched Move PGH, we tried a completely unique approach to parking to keep the scooters off the sidewalks and so I had to write about things that people might consider boring and to get the basic points across. You won't want to miss this stunner in How to Park Spin Scooters in Pittsburgh" from the Move PGH blog

"Racking Up Support"

"From 2006 to 2007, the number of bike commuters in (Pittsburgh) grew a startling 37.5 percent."

The Pittsburgh City Council considers a new bike parking ordinance. “When you look around most cities,” adds Eric Boerer of Bike Pittsburgh, “and see how much of our public road space is dedicated to storing private vehicles in parking spaces, it sends a message that the city is car-friendly. The same can be said for bike racks.” For some old, old news about battling for bike infrastructure, check out Next City: "Racking Up Support"

"Free Parking is Not a Right"

"Housing is expensive for people but free for most cars."

That's a quote from the parking professor Donald Shoup, UCLA professor and author of The High Cost of Free Parking. I talked all about parking, free parking, cruising for parking, and counting parking in San Francisco for Next City. If that's not enough to woo you, I also discuss the results of San Francisco's parking census in "Free Parking is Not a Right" (it's a page turner!). 

"The Bicycle Revolution of Washington, DC"

"DC has a robust and dynamic bike culture, which is constantly refreshed by new personalities and ideas." 

In this piece, for the magazine Momentum, I wrote the cover story about bikes in Washington, DC, and the people who ride them. It's a bit hard to read through this platform so it looks best in print. You probably have that issue, right? It's from March 2009. They gave it out at the National Bike Summit. I was commended for using "blandly dressed Hill staffers" in the first line. 

"Pittsburgh's Biking Moment"

A dramatic and thrilling announcement from the USDOT and a resolution in the gripping Pittsburgh bike parking saga!

What will happen next? This is another time machine experience! And I'm sad to give you this UPDATE: the gorgeous (but mostly just reasonable advances for humanity) by the USDOT that I wrote about (for Next City) were abandoned long ago... but they haven't been updated, even under Biden & Secretary Pete! Why, DOT, WHY? But the article is mostly about Pittsburgh so they named it "Pittsburgh's Biking Moment."